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Huge decoration plate Etching Process

Huge Etching list
·Huge Etching Process
·Screen-printing machine
·Huge Exposure machine
·Huge Baking house
·Huge Etching Machine
·Huge Etching line
Mr. Zolsun
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We can supply whole processing Huge decoration plate Etching machines with complete technique support.
“※” marked are basic equipments. and others you can choose as your product quantity needs.

NO. Process Machines Notice
1 Washing    
2 Degreasing Washing machine Chemical degreasing
3 Resist coating Screen-print table manual
HB48 Huge Screen-print machine Auto screen-printing photoresist
4 ※Exposure HB48 Huge exposure machine Photosensitive ink drying
5 Developing Developing machine Developing out the images
6 Resist hold H48 Baking house Hot-wind drying to firm the resist
7 ※Etching HB48 Huge Etching Machine Huge single etching
HBseries Auto huge etching line Auto etching, washing, resist removing, washing, drying line
8 resist remove stripping machine Resist vemoving, washing and drying


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