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Profile We specialize in photochemical etching machines
  Golden Eagle PCB Equipments Co.,Ltd was found in 2005, and localed Beijing the capital of China. It own a metalworks company(found in 1997) and this photochemical etching machines factory now. Developing by specials of photo chemical etching technology, it have export many exposure machines and chemical etching machines to Asia, Europe, Africa and many other country worldwide... More... Golden Eagle PCB Equipments Co.,Ltd
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photo etching
precision etching machine
Single Exposure Precision Exposure Double Etching Precision Etching
wet etching
PCB equipment
chemical etching
Dies etching machine PCB Etching line PCB Plating line Roll Etching machine
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Metal etching
Metal etching
Metal etching
PCB Precision Etching Decoration plates Etched Nameplates
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