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Cutting Hot stamping dies Etching technique

Mould Machine list
·Die Etching Process
·Exposure machine
·Cutting die etching
·Stamping die etching
·CNC engraving machine
·Dies surface finishing
Mr. Zolsun
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NO. Proceses Machines Size Notice
1 Resist coating Printing table 500*600 To screen printing photosensitive glue
2 Exposure BG-2 Single exposure mach. 1000*800 Photosensitive glue exposing to form photoresist
3 Baking Oven 800*600*1000 Hot-wind drying
4 Etching TB5060 Stamping die etching mach. 500*600 copperplate, zinco, stencil-plate and so on
DB5060 Cutting Dies Etching Machine 500*600 Steel or high-carbon steel mold pretreating etching to advance following engraving processing
5 Sharping CNC die engraving mach. 400*600 sharp cutting die knife-edge
6 Surface treating Chemical surface treatment line 400*600 Plating metal alloy on the die surface to increasing abrasion resistant and unoxidizable
Our Cutting dies, Hot stamping dies etching machines have providing to many customers home and aboard, and we providing complete cutting& stamping die etching processing technique too.

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