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Precision Etching Machines


·Photoresist laminator

Width: 640mm
Thickness: 0.02 to 8mm
Out size: 860*980*1220mm

·Double Precision Exposure machine

Exposing area: 700*800;
Double-sided Precision Exposure equipments for precision etchings' stencil exposing works.

·Double Developing machine

Working Area: 650*1000mm
Developing type: Spray

·Baking line

Working Area: 650* 6000mm
Temperature: 0 - 80℃
Drying type: Hot Air

Precision Etching Machines

·Nano etching machine

Etching Area: 650*2000mm
Tolerance: 0.02mm

·Auto Precision Photo-Etching line

Etching Area: 650*4000mm
Processing: Enter → Etching → Active → Etching → Roll drying → Washing → Stripping → Pressure washing → Roll drying → Hot-wind → Out

·Precision Vertical Etching machine

Etching size: 550*550m
Tolerance: Max 0.01mm
Used to machining SMT, Grating, encoder masks and others high precision workpieces.

Precision Etching Machines

·Super Thin plate Etching machine

Etching Area: 600*1000mm
Cutting Thickness: 0.02 to 0.1mm

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