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Roll-to-roll Auto etching machine

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Mr. Zolsun
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 Roll-to-roll etching machine

GE-RE2 Reel-to-reel Auto Photochemical etching machine
Power: 380V/50Hz
Transfer Speed: 0 to 6.5m/min
Working Area: (25 to 500)*8000mm
Temperature: 0 to 130℃
Reel Inner diameter: 150mm
Reel Out diameter: 550mm
Machining thickness: 0.05 to 0.50mm
Tolerance: +/-0.01mm to +/-0.05
Control system: PLC panel (Auto reel to reel transfer control system; Auto etching, stripping, washing& drying system; Network filter; Auto temperature control system; Auto solution adjust system and so on)

Processing: Enter - Etching - Active - Etching - Roll drying - Washing - Stripping - Pressure washing - Roll drying - Hot-air drying - Output

Roll-to-roll etching machine for mass productions of Roll-to-roll FPC or RF manufacturer india.

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